In 1997 a lot of the dog owners felt that a new club was needed in the city of Mumbai which would focus on promoting dog ownership and breeding to a wider audience in the city.
While dog breeding and pedigreed dog shows were certainly not unknown in the city it was felt that the time had come to spread the culture of dog ownership to a large number of upwardly mobile families who were looking at various alternatives of improving their living experience in a high paced city.
In order to bring to these first time pet parents the facilities and skills offered by the KCI, a group of young dog owners approached Mr.Sudarshan for his guidance and support in creating this new club.
Subsequently after meetings with then Chairman Mr.Rangarajan and  the Secretary Mrs.Sudarshan Mumbai Canine Club was born
Under the Guidance and Patronage of Mr.Radhakrishnan the club organized its first show in 1997 .This event received a record number of entries and the club has never looked back since that day.
Another primary objective of the club was to revive the obedience trails in the championship shows. With Mr.R.C.Lingam heading this initiative we have over the past few years held a number fo very successful obedience trails comparable in standards and participation to the best of the country. By inviting internationally qualified judges for our championship and obedience trails the club has made every effort to put these events on par with the global standards.
Since its inception the club through its offices in Mumbai has been assisting dog owners in various aspects of registration and other matters related with coordination with the head offices of the KCI in Chennai. It has also served as a source of information support and assistance to a fast growing community of dog owners.

Mumbai Canine Club
3A Shamdham,
Mumbai – 400 022
Above Cafe Vrindavan
Opp Sion Rly Station


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