By Dr. Taher Kagalwala

Wake-up—‘tis 5 a.m.!
Take a hurried bath…
Chomp that soggy breakfast,
to travel by the BEST!

Rush to the nearest corner,
Brave the increasing traffic,
brush with urchins en-route,
to travel by the BEST!

Join the sultry crowds,
hustle oldies and kids,
catch your breath a l’il
to travel by the BEST!

Dodge the swanky Palio,
scurry across the zebra-lines,
Disregard the blasted signals,
to travel by the BEST!

Curse buses that do not halt,
Curse the Q-marshals,
curse just about everyone,
to travel by the BEST!

Now, there comes the bus!
and here alight the passengers,
Hey, What are you waiting for?
Go, travel by the BEST!

Take care of your slippers,
and mind your wallet too…
there goes the ironing in your shirt,
and you’re on, in the BEST!

Shove those in front of you,
and jab those behind…
Heave yourself in,
and travel by the BEST!

Hold on to dear life,
Plant your feet apart,
Juggle your belongings neatly,
travel standing in the BEST!

Get yourself a ticket,
forget about the change,
You’ve got to pay this premium,
to travel by the BEST!

Feel the jerks and sway,
Say your prayers, yes do!
An occasional bruise won’t hurt you,
if you travel by the BEST!

Learn the facts of life,
Say, Might is Always Right!
Disregard all civil rules,
Yeah, Travel only with the BEST!

© Dr. Taher Kagalwala 2002

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