If the VOTEMUMBAI campaign is successfully implemented Mumbai will undergo a transition. The following are the changes that will begun to appear.
Within 6 months
Most local issues will addressed – drains, streetlights, cleanliness, traffic mgmt etc.
Within 12 months
Development of a Vision for Greater Mumbai Metropolitan Area.
Greater transparency and accountability in funds management.
Within 18-24 months
100% increase in Revenue Mobilisation and Deployment. (e.g. 40% current compliance in property taxes)
Availability of funds for medium-term projects, and capacity to execute on time, with transparency.
Improvement of low-income housing situation, beginnings of development of housing stock.
Within 24 – 36 months
Execution of large infrastructure and transportation projects.
200% increase in financial resources of all local governments.
Complete and regularly updated Spatial Data for Mumbai to track city development and economic trends.
Within 5 years
Roadmap for sustainable, environmentally friendly development of the region.
Mumbai restored as a vibrant urban centre of India!

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