Positive attitude
We believe, that real change is possible.
Don’t hit the road without detailed home work.
   Effective Communication
Use communication tools to reach out to all.
   Belief in the power of the Community
   Constructive Engagement
Engage in the spirit of partnership. Build alternative modules OR change of rules.
   Non Partisan Culture
No Political Affiliation.
   Propolitical Approach
Politicians are victims of the vicious cycle, not villains.
   Respect for political process
Recognition that politics is central to democracy and true politics is a noble endeavor.
   Political Alternatives
The alternative to democracy is better democracy.
Deliver on individual roles and responsibilities at the highest degree of commitment and capability at all times.
Core Purpose
“To improve the quality of life by improving the quality of governance”
If India wins, who loses ?
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  1. mohammad Says:

    Good and informative.Keep it up.

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