A celebration called Mumbai Festival

Mumbai Festival 2007 

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Mumbai Festival 2007 to start from January 14

The Mumbai Festival Committee (MFC) announced on January 9 that Mumbai Festival 2007 will be held from January 14 to 28 at different venues in the city and its suburbs. This year, the festival will have participation from the Japanese government and from Australia. The Indian army and navy will also take part in the festival. Planned with the objective of promoting the city as a cultural tourist destination, the festival operates in a unique public-private partnership model. NGOs, private parties, government and related authorities work together to form the MFC.

“We believe in nurturing traditional and contemporary Indian art and culture, which will go a long way to cement bonds between people from different cultures. With Mumbai Festival and its panorama of events and activities, the committee plans to achieve its target of getting one million tourists to the festival in another five years. We plan to put Mumbai on the world map as a cultural tourist destination,” said Chairman of MFC Kamal Morarka.

Speaking on the Australian and Japanese participation at the festival, Rashmi Sawant of MFC said, “Considering the overwhelming response Mumbai Festival received in the last two years, we have been encouraged to enlarge the scope of our activities. We want the maximum number of people to participate in the events across the city and its suburbs. From this year on, the festival is going international and we hope there will be many other countries who will participate in the future.”

Some of the highlights of the festival will include a Maharashtrian and Koli seafood festival, a festival showcase, at Mahim fishing village, free cookery classes by master chefs, restaurant discounts, community feasts like the Idli festival at Matunga (E), live programmes like qawwali and concerts by artists like L Subramanium. The Sports Festival will include the Mumbai International Marathon, gully cricket, auto rickshaw race and a fish trawler race near the Gateway of India.

Ponch Hawkes

Youth Festival, Mumbai Theatre Utsav, Kite Festival, Crafts Festival, display of naval boats and celebrations on INS Vikrant will also be a part of the programme. Apart from exhibitions, installations and workshops, the Art Festival will also include heritage walks besides an international pottery exhibition. A foreign film festival featuring Australian and Japanese films will be shown at Metro Adlabs on January 18.

The Army’s involvement in the festival will include a disaster management demo, a ball dance at the Army Officers Institute in Juhu on January 17 and 18 and a celebrity fancy dress party on January 19. There will also be a polo and equestrian display at Mahalaxmi race course between January 24 and 26. The festival will also include a display of naval boats on January 26 at Anchorage, off the Gateway of India and operations demo of naval boats at Girgaum Chowpatty.

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  1. Namita Says:

    Could you kindly send me a deatiled itnerary of the Mumbai Festival 2007…thnaks Namita

  2. geetika Says:

    could you please send me a detailed itinerary of the mumbai festival 2007…..would love to chek it out …thanks

  3. Manish Gurbani Says:

    Can you kindly mail me a copy of the detailed itinerary, would like to schedule my week accordingly, also send in a info helpline no. if available, where i can get details in case of change in schedule, or any other info that may be useful,


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