CR announces change in train timings


The new time table will be effective from December 1
Central Railway will increase the frequency of certain passenger trains, speed up the trains, change the days of service of certain trains and change train number as detailed below in the new mainline timetable, which will come into force from December 1, 2006.

Increase in frequency of services of fast passenger trains.
1327 Dn CSTM-Pandharpur which leaves on Friday and Saturday will run on Thursday, Friday, Saturday from December 7.

1328 Up Pandharpur-CSTM which leaves on Saturday, Sunday and Friday, will run on Saturday and Sunday from December 8.

1329 Dn CSTM-Bijapur which leave on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will run on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from December 6.

1330 Up Bijapur-CSTM which leave on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will leave on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from December 7.

1333 Dn CSTM- Manmad which runs on Wednesday and Thursday will run daily from December 6.

1334 Up Manmad -CSTM that runs on Thursday and Friday will run daily from December 7.

1333/1334 Mumbai-Manmad Fast Passenger (via- Pune-Daund) is named as ‘Shirdi Fast Passenger.’

Provision of halt
Central Railway will open a new halt station ‘Kopar’ (high level) on Diva-Vasai Road section from December 1. The following trains will be halt at Kopar for the benefit of passengers. 1682/1681 Dombivli-Vasai Road-Diva Passenger, 1684/1683 Diva-Vasai Road-Diva Passenger and 1686/1685 Diva-Vasai Road-Diva Passenger.

Change in days of services
1096 Pune-Ahmedabad Ahimsa Express which runs on Wednesday and Friday, will run on Wednesday and Thursday from December 7.

1095 Ahmedabad -Pune Ahimsa Express which run on Thursday and Saturday, will run on Thursday and Friday from December 8.

2052 Madgaon-Dadar JanShatabdi Express which runs daily (except Thursday) will run daily (except Wednesday) from January 24, 2007.

Rescheduling/ speeding up of trains
20 trains will be rescheduled and speeded up.

Change in train numbers
1037 Pune – Patna Express will be 2149 from December 3.

1038 Patna – Pune Express will be 2150 from December 2.

Shifting of trains
8030/8029 Howrah-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus-Howrah Express will start / terminate at Shalimar station instead of Howrah from December 1. Accordingly, 8030 Up Howrah-LT(T) Express will start from Shalimar from December 1, and 8029 Dn LT(T)-Howrah Express leaving LT(T) from December 1, will terminate at Shalimar.

Passengers are requested to contact the station managers of respective stations or call on 134 and 136, CSTM-22697311, Dadar-24143841, Lokmanya Tilak Terminus-25290234, Thane 25331143, Kalyan 2317181. Passengers can also log on to or

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