Political Parties, Mumbai Wards

Nationalist Congress Party Indian National Congress Bhartiya Janta Party Shiv Sena Samjwadi Party Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena

Wards and Districts of Mumbai

Mumbai South BMC Wards

Mumbai South Central BMC Ward

Mumbai North East  BMC Ward

Mumbai North West BMC Ward

Mumbai North  BMC Ward

Mumbai East  BMC Ward

Datta Dalvi
February 20, 2005
Municipal Commissioner
Johny Joseph
Ward Numbers Old / New (New) Police Commissioner
Anami Narayan Roy
Vijaypat Singhania
Mahesh Pathak

Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena has maximum youth and we predicting Mumbai will see the power of youth and they have very good organization.

It may be BSP will play a little role in Mumbai BMC election as last some election this party has shown the some good voters have voted for them in last parliament  and Assembly election they have stand with good amount of votes in their pocket, this party will also benefited of the present situation of Solapur and khairlangi and other area, this party is eyeing on next assembly election of UP and Maharashtra.

RPI ( Republican Party of India ) as the present things are happening in Solapur and Khailangi will react by OBC/ ST/SC/ will make Mumbai’s election result effected.

The Congress and NCP is still confuse on seat sharing this may be  give the good chance to Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena.

Samajwadi party has presentation in Mumbai but the organizational is weak in this case how Muslims  and Utter Bhartiya vote to them is question of millions

Shiv Sena will be a biggest looser in this election of Mumbai BMC.

Their is a chance of some strong Muslim organization may jump in to BMC election with the help of Assam political party or coalition with some state party. at this stage as Muslims voters mind is not clear they may try this new strategy, if this is happen then the election result of Mumbai BMC will be very different.

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  1. rubi Says:

    have Mr. Raj thakrey seen ganpati “visarjan” in Singapore.

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