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Datta Dalvi
February 20, 2005
Municipal Commissioner
Johny Joseph
Ward Numbers Old / New (New) Police Commissioner
Anami Narayan Roy
Vijaypat Singhania
Mahesh Pathak

Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena has maximum youth and we predicting Mumbai will see the power of youth and they have very good organization.

It may be BSP will play a little role in Mumbai BMC election as last some election this party has shown the some good voters have voted for them in last parliament  and Assembly election they have stand with good amount of votes in their pocket, this party will also benefited of the present situation of Solapur and khairlangi and other area, this party is eyeing on next assembly election of UP and Maharashtra.

RPI ( Republican Party of India ) as the present things are happening in Solapur and Khailangi will react by OBC/ ST/SC/ will make Mumbai’s election result effected.

The Congress and NCP is still confuse on seat sharing this may be  give the good chance to Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena.

Samajwadi party has presentation in Mumbai but the organizational is weak in this case how Muslims  and Utter Bhartiya vote to them is question of millions

Shiv Sena will be a biggest looser in this election of Mumbai BMC.

Their is a chance of some strong Muslim organization may jump in to BMC election with the help of Assam political party or coalition with some state party. at this stage as Muslims voters mind is not clear they may try this new strategy, if this is happen then the election result of Mumbai BMC will be very different.

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Anti-Corruption Bureau

Pact Against Corruption“Corruption can be eradicated only if civil society wills it so,” states Shri J.
D.Virkar IPS, Director-General, Anti-Corruption Bureau, Maharashtra.


“The disastrous effects of corruption on our public life are clearly evident to
all of us. We all wish to live in a corruption-free society. While there are
adequate laws to punish the corrupt and agencies to investigate and prosecute
the culprits, what is lacking is the will to come forward and fight corruption
at all levels. Corruption is one of the main factors standing in the way of a
higher standard of life for the common man. The problem therefore is who will
bell the cat?” he asks on the website of the Anti-Corruption Bureau

What is usually unknown to the public is that the Anti-Corruption Bureau can not
take any suo moto action. They can only take action when requested to do so via
a complaint. And they just don’t receive enough complaints!

The Anti-Corruption Bureau, Maharashtra, has 8 separate units headquartered in
Greater Mumbai, Thane, Nashik, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nanded and Amaravati

The Greater Mumbai Unit is located at: Anti Corruption Bureau, Maharashtra,
Madhu Industrial Estate,  1st Floor, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai 400
013.  Tel: 24921212, 24922618, Fax: 2492776. Email: acbwebmail@gmail.com

On Monday, 6th September, 2006, ACB even launched a Toll-free phone line
1-800-222021 so that anyone can call up from anywhere in India to lodge a

Ways for citizens to tackle corruption

  1.. You can complain via forms on the Anti-Corruption Bureau’s website, or via
email, fax, phone, and letter.

  2.. You can remain anonymous if you so desire.

  3.. You can give details of actual instances where you are being asked to pay
a bribe or you have had to pay a bribe. You have to simply state what was the
work that was to be done by the public servant and how much he/she asked you to

  4.. You can and should name the actual public servant involved.

  5.. You can complain about possession of disproportionate level of movable or
immovable assets owned by or expenditure made by a public servant e.g. property,
vehicles, financial partnerships, foreign travels, and other high expenditure.
Even brief details are sufficient.

  6.. You can inform about general or specific problems that people face as they
interact with any Government Department. The best way is to write to the
Government Department itself and mark an official copy to the Anti-Corruption
Bureau. Alternatively, you can write to the ACB directly. All these letters can
be anonymous if you so desire.

  7.. “Corruption also arises due to unnecessary procedural formalities.
Officials and citizens should come together and identify such practices which
are no longer relevant and find out ways to remove them.” says Shri S. M.
Krishna, Governor of Maharashtra

  8.. Shri J. Virkar invites associations of every sector e.g. Agriculture,
Trade, Commerce, Industry etc, to create an Anti-corruption cell with
collaboration or guidance of some ACB or other authority and join the ACB’s
M-PAC “Mumbai – Pact Against Corruption” program.

  9.. ACB would be happy to support schools and colleges in spreading awareness
regarding the ill-effects of corruption, the need to develop a social
conscience, and conducting debates or field-projects, offers Smt. P. Saravade,
Additional Commissioner of Police, ACB.

  10.. “Corruption is too serious a matter to be left to the Anti-Corruption
Bureau” feels Shri H. Karkare, Inspector General of Police, ACB, and invites
community participation in the fight against corruption. ACB would be happy to
send its officers to Rotary Clubs and the like to give talks and get feedback.

  11.. “The ACB will effectively enforce Anti Corruption Laws with integrity &
impartiality” assures Shri A. Parasnis, Additional Director-General,
Anti-Corruption Bureau, Maharashtra

  12.. The NGO Council will also try to act as a channel for citizens to access
/ approach ACB so if you face any hurdles while doing any of the above, do
contact the NGO Council via info@karmayog.org

So it is indeed simple to greatly reduce the level of corruption that you
encounter in your dealings with government. You just didn’t know how. Now you
do. The Anti-Corruption Bureau will take the necessary steps. Don’t be cynical.
Dash of your letter today itself!