Mumbai Food speciality

17, 2006

Sabudana vada Crisp sago balls deep fried in oil or ghee.
Onion Bhaji spicy onion fritters – a light snack
Sabudana Khichdi a delicious snack of sago, Maharashtrian fasting favorite!.
Potato vadaspicy potato balls coated with batter of gram flour and deep fried in oil
Kaande Poheflaked, beaten rice snack with onions and potatoes.
Vegetable sandwich filled with slices of tomato, potato and cucumber with spicy chutney.
Vatali dal Soaked and ground chana dal tastes different when cooked this way. A good substitute for breakfast or tea time snack.
Spicy sheera spicy semolina preparation
Uppama slight variation of sheera
Kothimbir Vadi fried squares made of coriander leaves (cilantro) and other spices
Alu vadi Spicy cakes of colocassia leaves. Also know as ‘Patra’.
Bread Rolls spicy bread rolls filled with mashed potatoes and deep/shallow fried in oil.
Matar Patties patties filled with green peas and other spices.
Phodnichi Poli spicy snack made of leftover chapati.
Phodnicha Bhaat Leftover rice tastes great if made this way!
Bread sheera Crispy dish made of bread pieces, chilies and onions. Some Marathi people call it ‘Pavacha sheera’, ‘Phodnicha pav’,’Pavacha uppama’ or Pavachi usal’. Real quick and delicious snack!Thaalipeeth check out these pancakes. Marathi speciality!Mokal Bhaajani (Phodnichi Bhaajani) ingredients of Thalipeeth, but cooked in different style.
Vada Pav this unique taste of Mumbai’s vada pav is unbeatable
Pani puri a light snack made up of puffed puris, sprouts and other spices.
Ragda pattiesdo not miss it at Mumbai chowpatty!
Dahi batata purigood substitute for breakfast or mini meals during summer days.
Pav bhaaji medley of variety of vegetables cooked in different style, Mumbai knows what people like!
Misal as the name suggests, a spicy mixture of pulses, potatoes and other spices, easy to prepare
Bhel Puri a very famous chowpatty chat..popular all over IndiaShev batata puri a light snack made of flat puris garnished with mashed potatoes, chutneys and other condiments.
Tikhat-mithachi puria delicious spicy version of puris
Pav bhaaji medley of variety of vegetables cooked in different style, Mumbai knows what people like!
Ghavan rice flour pancakes – a quick meal.UttappaSabudana Thalipeeth sago and potato pancakesBhajaniche vade