Mumbai gets 24-carat gold cabs

In a tiny nondescript office a golden dream has been hatched- to create cabs with a global positioning system.


And this might change the way many Mumbaikars travel in the cramped city of 15 million people, as they will have an option to travel in style and luxury.


The NGO, Fullora Foundation has started the Mumbai Gold Taxi Company and it will be spending over 300 crore rupees.


It also plans to put 600 cabs on the road by the year-end. And that’s a small fraction of the over 30,000 black and yellow cabs that dot the streets.


However, the company hopes that soon many regular cab owners will surrender their old vehicles to them in exchange of money and better insurance plans.


“The existing taxi drivers who walk in with their black and yellow old cabs will get new taxis like Indigo Marina, Maruti Esteem, Lancer or even Innova in return,” says Arun Sabnis of Mumbai Gold Taxi Company.


However, at the moment the scheme is getting mixed reactions.


“Those taxis are expensive, people don’t board them,” says a taxi driver.


“I don’t know whether the taxis will work but the meters will definitely not work,” says a resident.


“There are chances that the taxis will run because the pockets of the Mumbai residents will allow them to. The AC taxis will be successful,” says another resident.


However, the cabs will have a flag down fare of Rs 15 compared to Rs 13 for normal taxis.

2 Responses to “Mumbai gets 24-carat gold cabs”

  1. Kalpana Antony Says:

    I require a taxi today evening to go to the international airport from my home in Mulund. I am unable to get your booking no. 3244 3333. Please advise that how should I do this booking.

    I have used this service few months before and I am fully satisfied with it.

    With regards,

  2. Suneel Says:

    Anyone who has taken a Cab from Mumbai Airport knows how u can be conned/forced/abused to pay more than the Meter if u take a Traditional Black-Yellow or Blue-Grey Taxi. Then came New Era of Private Operators, Meru, MegaCab, Gold Cab n Yes life became easy for Compulsive Travellers like me-Pay as u Use, Nothing more Nothing Less

    So called Mumbai Gold Cab you can take from same pick up point as other Private Cabs but that is where the similarity ends.

    In past also I had incidents whenever I took Gold Cab, Cabs r in real Bad State, Stinky & Drivers extremely Rude & at the End Point they will always demand typically “De Do Jo aapki Marji…..”& u know what they r expecting but nothing to beat my Yesterday’s experience.

    Cab taken from: Mumbai Airport, GOLD CAB @16:00hrs approx (non-peak hours as we all know)
    (The signature Stink & Cab Driver’s Gutka-Body smell together was enough to make a Dead Man alive)
    Cab#MH 01 JA 9285
    Headed to Powai (my abode)
    Easy flowing Traffic, Short Signals but Driver will Stop & restart his Vehicle Many Times (probabily there has some connection to what I am saying ahead)
    We reach destination & the Driver declares INR 250 please

    Now I am a routine Hirer of Private AC Cabs n in worst of Traffic, Meter has never gove ahead of INR 160-165
    When I tell the driver I will pay as per Meter (which he has hid with some cloth) the Driver gets WILD

    With the Door Open to alight he in a wave of Anger immediately Starts the Car, Raises it & wants to Rush out with me IN the Car (very close to Kidnapping me). When I threaten him with Police he not caring though stops n starts Screaming the usual (aap ameer log…,Airplane me beithte ho par AC Carwale ko paise nahin dena hai….)

    Finally when I say I will pay by meter the Great Meter Shows INR 216.25
    Which after a Long Travel not to extend this any further I pay 220 n leave the cab noting the Car No to complaint to there Call Centre (when I had threatened him with this he actually cared a heck…)

    Finally post I called Call Centre somebody politely took the complain n said 10mins we will call u back, I am still waiting post 24hrs no one has called yet!!!

    Fellow Cab Hirers if u care for yourself & your legitimate hard earned money then travel by Auto from Airport if no Pct AC Cab available but do not hire MUMBAI GOLD CAB!!!!

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