Welcome to Mumbai

Mumbai is the Hollywood of India; as a matter of fact this city is better known as Bollywood (from its previous name, Bombay). This city has so many stories of rags-to-riches that people have it synonymous with the city which can make anyone’s dream comes true, and where everything is possible. While Delhi, Kolkata (Calcutta), Chennai and other metros in India are great opportunity bases, none of them come even close to the capacity of Mumbai in its power to make thing happen.

The film industry is the most prominent in this city, where millions come every year to try out their luck and stay on in the hope that some day they will get a break. Another very important glamorous industry is the advertising industry which is highly flourishing in this city. There are hundreds of young men and women as well as children between 2-15 years recruited every year for the so many advertisements that India is quite famous for.

The third very popular industry in Mumbai is the crude oil industry since there are a great number of oil rigs in Mumbai high due the availability of oil in the sea belt along the coast.

The above, all three being a very high returns industries, make Mumbai the seat of cash-flow of almost unlimited amounts. This is the city where money has absolutely no limits and where you can get everything you want anytime you want.

Complementing the above three, there is another one that is a highly flourishing industry, i.e. hospitality and travel industry. Both hotels as well as traveling and related functions have achieved the closest position to perfection in Mumbai.

The major opportunities lurking in Mumbai
That brings us to the position of jobs. Mumbai, though highly concentrated in the above four industries, has also a great share in the other types of industry. As other metros, this city too is reeling under the onslaught of the IT industry. Mumbai in this regard is perhaps the best place to look for a job since it offers you not only a great salary but also an excellent ambiance at work place.

The city has innumerable jobs, mostly high paying because Mumbai standard of living is high. The major concentration of jobs is acting and modeling, BPO jobs, marketing, sales, telecommunication, air hostess / air crew, back office jobs, research, customer service and so on.

Some of leading and highest paying Call Centers in Mumbai are Daksh, E-serve, JP Morgan, Epicentre and Intelnet. But this is just showing one side of the picture. There are umpteen of leading firms who have their headquarters or branch offices in Mumbai making this city a paradise for job seekers. All the jobs here have a very high turn over because the competitions is fierce, targets are very capriciously set and followed and the city has one of the fastest paced life styles in India.

Since people flock to Mumbai in search of their luck specially in the acting industry and the majority do not make it, Mumbai has become the host of a great deal of talented and highly intellectual people. This is why, the atmosphere in Mumbai is very open, permissible and at the same time respects the privacy of all. Similarly, in the job, people in Mumbai are expected to be highly proactive and self-driver. There is no place in Mumbai for people who are lethargic, need a boss to tell them what to do and/or people who have to be motivated to work. Mumbai is very demanding when it comes to quality of work in all categories across all jobs. This is city is one of the most professional cities of India; where working is hard, and celebrations too is hard.

If you are looking for a career in Mumbai, you have to understand that you have to compete first with yourself and then with others; people here are everyday trying to do better than yesterday and this has become a culture in Mumbai. Unless you are a highly motivated individual and one who can create work when there is none, Mumbai is not for you.

The best jobs available
Besides, a career in acting, modeling and oil industry, there is one more very important high paying industry, i.e. hospitality and travel. Here, you will find the hotel vacancies, travel agency vacancies and the more glamorous ones of the airlines, ship cruisers and international couriers. All these jobs have a very high pay packet and hence they are very high in demand.

Of course, up and above these are the unbeatable IT jobs, both BPOs and technical staff including software engineers. Mumbai is among the leaders in IT jobs being responsible for more than USD 60 billion in the years 2005-06 alone. The job number for 2006 has been forecasted to be about 1,300,000 which concentrate most in entry and middle level entrants. The number forecasted in engineering jobs is about 1,200,000. India by itself is such an important player in the IT market that software companies are writing specific programs only for the Indian market.

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