University Buildings Mumbai

Like most of the important buildings in Mumbai the University Building too has splendid architecture and is worth visiting. Sir Cowasjee Jehangir Ready Money founded the University. Sir George Gilbert Scott designed the structure of the University. The first two structures that were designed by Sir Scott are named after Sir Jehangir. The building was completed in 1874. The building has an ornate and highly decorative French Gothic style. The main building has a turrets and gabled roof with a large circular window and its outer windows originally had twelve stained glass skylights, depicting the signs of the zodiac. Another striking feature of the University Campus is the clock tower or Rajbai Tower.

The Rajabai Tower was built in the 19th century Gothic style in the university garden. The clock tower is 280 feet high and commands a great view of the city. The university library is housed in the tower. The Rajabai Tower in located in the Fort campus area of the University. This tower was build by Sir George Gilbert Scott, who was an English architect and the design of the tower was based on the Big Ben. Work on the tower began on 1st march 1869 and was completed in November 1878. The cost of the tower was borne by Premchand Roychand a prosperous broker who founded the Bombay Stock Exchange. He laid down a condition that the tower should be named Rajabai, after his mother. The tower has some of the best stained glass windows in the city. The style of architecture used to build the tower is a blend of the Venetian and Gothic styles. The tower was constructed at a cost of Rs.2 lakhs, which was an enormous sum of money in those days. Local buff colored Kurla stones were used to build the tower. Initially the tower was open to the public, but was closed after it became a haunt for those attempting to commit suicide.

The ground floor has two side rooms. The tower forms a carriage porch and a spiral staircase vestibule. The tower over the carriage porch has a square form up to the gallery at the top of the first level, which is at a height of 68 feet from the ground. The shape of the tower changes from square to an octagon and the height from this gallery to the top of the tower is 118 feet and the third stage to the top of the finial is 94 feet, making the total height of the tower 280 feet.

The Rajabai clock tower chimes once every 15 minutes. During the British period some of the tuned that the clock played included “Rule Britannia”, “God Save the King” and “A Handel Symphony” out of a total of 16 tunes that changed four times a day. Today the clock plays only one tune every 15 minutes.

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