Sangam Direct is the home shopping service from Hindustan Lever. Currently this service is available only within Mumbai muncipal limits and some parts of  Navi Mumbai.For some products, the prices offered at Sangam Direct are significantly lower than those in nearby grocery shops. You can order products by  phone or on the internet. They offer home delivery which is a big time saver .   Prices at Big Bazaar are usually lower, but  you have spend time and money to visit the nearest outlet, which can be up to 10 – 15 km away.    

On Sangam Direct you can order heat and serve products which are usually not stocked by most grocery shops, which find them too expensive. Also companies which are introducing their product in the Indian market usually have buy 1, get 1 free offers like Rainbow Pineapple Jam. They also have promotional offers to get rid of  excess stock.  The maximum discount is for rice and oil in 5 and 10kg  packaging. If you order on phone, you can ask them for the promotional offers for the day . They advertise offers in Mumbai Mirror usually on Friday, but some offers are applicable for a single day only.

For orders above Rs 400, home delivery is free. If you order regularly,  you become a  Diamond customer and can order any amount without any delivery charges. Payment is by cash or credit card.  There are 3 time slots , 10 am to 1 pm, 1 pm to 6 pm and 6 pm to 10 pm. Usually delivery is in time, sometimes 10 minutes earlier or later. In case of any breakage of glass bottles, they will deduct the amount from your bill.You can order online through website . As a promotional offer, you will get Rs 50 off  for your first online order of value more than Rs 400 before October 31, 2006.  Compared to the Big Bazaar  online shopping website, FutureBazaar , the SangamDirect website seems to be better designed.

7 Responses to “Sangam”

  1. Anish Shaikh Says:

    Please give your tel. nos. so that we can give order on telephone.



  2. BG BHAVNANI Says:


  3. RASHMI Says:

    Please give your tel. nos. so that we can give order on telephone.


  4. RASHMI Says:

    Please give your tel. number. so that we can give order on telephone.

  5. anand mandya Says:

    may i have a telephone number/place where i can order these household/edibles from? Thanking you. anand.

  6. Smita Says:

    Please give your tel. nos. so that we can give order on telephone.



  7. Kartik Ramachandran Says:

    I have real doubts whether this will succeed. I ordered goods worth Rs.500+ on 7th Oct. 2007. They have still to be delivered. I complained thrice throught the website. The website also does not have a phone number to contact.

    I hope somebody from the company reads this before it is too late.

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