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15 Responses to “Mtnl officers email”

  1. C B Kothari Says:

    Dear sir, My telephone No. 25568578 is dead since 4 days (i.e 10.03.11).I have lodged comlaint but no action taken by MTNL. complaint docket No. is 3046 & 8372 for internet and landmine respectively. Pl do needful. regards.

    C B Kothari
    29-Pampa, Anushaktinagar
    Mumbai 400 094

  2. sameer Saralkar Says:

    Thanks a lot
    Good information



    my telephone no 28910530

    my telephone no 28910530

  4. jyoti Wij Says:

    My Internet is giving me lot of problem. I changed my plan to 6MB and in spite of paying so much charges, no body cares. I made complaints but officials hang on you without listening to you and do not want give DGM no. when you ask. I do not what to do.
    My work is suffering. I am working from home.
    Please suggest what to do or change the service provider.

  5. Shashikant Kedia Says:

    My Telephone No. is 28773233.
    C.A. No. : 2081253233

    I have just now recd my Bill dated 10.7.15 for the period 1.6.15 to 30.6.15.

    In the said Bill, 31 Local Calls have been shown and 6 calls have been charged after allowing 25 free Calls.

    I would like to inform you that for the month of February 2015 also I had recd Bill for excessive calls (140 calls against hardly 15 calls made by me) which was even more than this and I had lodged a written Complaint with Div. Engineer Meter reading Section,Sunder nagar Telephone exchange, Malad west, but till date I did not receive any reply from them. After that Bill, we have started keeping our Phone locked with locking Code and we must have hardly made 5-6 Calls during the above billing period. the locking Code is exclusively with me alone and not even with my other family members.

    I fail to understand as to how can excessive billing take place again & again.

    Kindly acknowledge the receipt of my above Complaint and let me know as to why this is happening and correct the mistake.

    I have also been making repeated Complaints for frequent internet disruptions as well bad quality of Phone line as there is always a disturbing sound on my phone line as well as the person at the other end is unable to hear our voice clearly. This has also not been attended since last 1 year despite my repeated Complaints.

    Kindly correct the wrong billing and also get the faulty landline as well as broadband corrected.

  6. Hemant Sawant Says:

    I am having an isssue that mtnl is not giving me claim amt whic has pass since one month from head office. No one is picking up a call.

    Plz revert urgently

  7. Rohini Shetty Says:

    Dear Sir, I wish to inform you that I shifted residence from Kalina to Gorai, Borivali West. The application was submitted to your Vile Parle MTNL office on 29.06.2015 with the assurance that the telephone would be installed in the next 3 working days. Work order nos.33501 and 33502 were issued. I fail to understand that in a city like Mumbai, a telephone connection takes this long. No work is done, telephone calls not attended, e-mails not replied. Sorry to state that your services are pathetic. Kindly look into the matter and a line of confirmation would be highly appreciated. Regards Rohini Shetty

  8. Rohini Shetty Says:

    Unnecessary delay in shifting landline number 26157914 in spite of work order nos. 33501 and 33502 been issued on 30.06.2015. Your office does not work, telephone calls are not answered, e-mails not replied. Does it take this long to shift a landline number in a city like Mumbai ? Sorry to state that you are very pathetic. Kindly look into the matter and revert back. A line of confirmation would be highly appreciated. Thanks and Regards Rohini Shetty

  9. Santosh Badan Says:


    i have been complaining about poor service of MTNL Thane.
    I had written emails previously but no action has been taken.

    I have taken broad band service for my ph. no. 25424104 and paying Rs. 599 per month. The amount is charged to me even if the services are disrupted. Out of 30 days my net connection is either poor or disconnected for abt 20 days. Is it logical that i should be paid full amount for the same?

    They do not attend to complaint properly nor their higher ups show any concern.
    I am in no mood to continue with them but i want to claim damages for their poor service which I want take up to appropriate level…
    Please guide in the matter.

    i am of the opinion that nobody can bring improvement hence it is better to say goodbye in order to save future trouble……in fact their behavior suggest the same….


  10. Navin Says:

    MTNL … one of the oldest phone service provider….WOW…. No one is attending complain on 1130 & 1800221500 number printed in the bill.
    After trying 10 times , once I get connected those ladies are very rude & they dont know how to speak.
    This simply disconnect the phone.
    I AM FED up of MTNL …Time if over

  11. komal adsul Says:

    my mtnl no is 28454573 and 28453780 last 15 to sixteen days we have suffered intenet and landline problem . it was a blocked for some issue and issue is not yet short out. and also i talk with ur executive mr. d.b. singh they have talk rubished they told me start connection after 2 years his contact no is 9869285756 AND Also they have not give me any positive response so look into that matter at your end and also look at these needfull.

  12. Avinash Kumar Mudaiya Says:

    MTNL- Duplicate payment
    I have mailed my complaint to both SM OP & TR on dated 02.09.2017. no response yet. needed urgent action.

    I have by mistake paid the MTNL Bill in the month of June 2017 twice. I thought the excess amount will be adjusted in the next month cycle. I visited Vashi office twice and was communicated by MTNL office that they will look into the matter after few days as personal are busy with recently introduced GST related issues .But nothing happen so far. Kindly reimburse the extra amount, Rs.762/-to my account.

    First I have paid using SBI debit card but payment didn’t materialised.

    Then I used the IDFC bank debit card the payment was successful ( IDFC bank shows in statement as MTNL Mumbai ref. 717230012789).

    After one hour I have received a message from SBI as below mentioned.

    Thank you for using you SBI Debit Card 459XX2777 for a purchase worth Rs762.0 on POS MTNL62835 at MTNL txn# 717216886832.

    Either of one payment should have come back by this time to the bank account . The same has not yet happened nor adjusted so far.

    Avinash Kumar Mudaiya

  13. Geo tours and travels Says:

    Complaint booking no 2113 , Landline no 28329663 (Dead line) , Disconnection request due to POOR SERVICE


    This is to bring to your notice that we having MTNL landline no 28329663 is dead from last one month. We have been complaining about same on online complain and also to you representative working in our area ( Ajit nagar, Jb.Nagar ) but they has been advising us to go to DARPAN exchange and complain .All our efforts are gone in vain to activate the line , our landline is still not working and your accounts team has been charging us for deadline in monthly billing.

    We would like to inform you that your pathetic service and worst customer service is affecting our business and we are loosing business . We would like to disconnect the connection and need our deposit with payments which we have made for deadline.




    sir,regarding my no 28413233 compilation so many time as per my knowledge from last 1 year but no body is ready to listen only receive call and ask every time but result is zero my problem is intact.

  15. veeraj pramod khandagale Says:

    Telephone number 27571350, CBD BELAPUR
    To mtnl all seniors, after complain several time LAST ONE MONTH to get rectify our line & instrument. why your staff is not complying with customers and less bother for customers in this situation we are 20 year old customer we will have to abondone the MTNL sevevies and patrionesed other telecom services that you will fully responsible for losing such loyal customers. And after all after paying every month bills regularly than we expect good services from your side.
    regards to MTNL.

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