Facts of Mumbai.

The last time I was there, I hated it. But then, now that I stayed for atleast four days, I have been enlightened by my amchimumbai cousins. So, I can say I hate Thane but I love Mumbai šŸ™‚Mumbai is the best place for architecture fanatics like me .The VT is so BEAUTIFUL. It’s grandeur takes your breath away. No wonder all bollywood movies starts with the overview of the area around VT and Churchgate, before zooming into the hero’s or the villain’s shoes (of course, the movies never did justice to VT!). Apparently, there are heritage walks organized for those who are short of time and want to make the most of it. Otherwise, take leave for four days and explore every nook and corner of the city. I didnt look at the Gateway of India šŸ˜¦ But I will when I pass by next. I did have a good look at Kurla where the floods caused maximum damage. My cousin pointed to the “river” which flooded the district – a swamp that looks more hideous than coovum. I was wondering how more people didnt die purely from being poisoned by that “river”. And this is the state of the river even after the floods. Wonder if the Municipality is listening? Or do they want a plague before they do anything about it?


My cousin, a train fanatic, knows which train is passing by which station. Not the Mumbai Local ones, but the GantokKanyakumari, Shatabdi types of trains! And apparently, the engines in different Zones also are built differently and look different. In India, on your mobile phones, you get to see which part of the city you are in, like when i was in the Vashi-VT train, everytime I passed a station the info changed. But in Singapore, we dont have that service at all! It is the very basic element of a location based service šŸ™‚Mumbai trains are shockingly efficient. The only trouble being you not getting a seat. Most people who live in the surrounding districts (like New Bombay or Thane) stay put there. Mumbai isnt an attraction (which I thought it would be!). Each suburb is very self sufficient with malls too!Ā 

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