Bhandup is a suburb of Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, in the state of Maharashtra, India and is also the name of a railway station on the Mumbai suburban railway on the Central Railway line.


Like most suburbs in Mumbai, Bhandup has two sub-regions, Bhandup (west) and Bhandup (east), so named for their location relative to the dividing railway line. The more developed Bhandup (west) is characterized as an industrial suburb while the upcoming Bhandup (east) is considered to be more residential. Traditionally, Bhandup has been well-known for its sea water salt extraction, and to date these facilities can be found in the suburb.

The first train that ran from Victoria Terminus to Thane halted at Bhandup station, in order to have its engines watered.

Bhandup is also home to Shivaji Talao, or Shivaji Lake, which apparently has some connection to the great Maratha ruler, Chhatrapati Shivaji. Currently, in a bad state, the pond witnesses hordes of Ganapati devotees immersing idols of the elephant god during the August month.

Before real-estate prospered 40 years ago, Bhandup was a dense forest area, which was home to many thieves and criminals. Rival gangs were at constant war to gain an upperhand in the extortion rackets. However, strict police action saw these gangs moving to international destinations.

Approaching Bhandup

Bhandup now, is the third last station on the Central Railway main line, the last two being Nahur and Mulund. A few fast trains stop at Bhandup station, mostly during the peak hours. Bhandup is extremely well connected with the rest of the city through a dense road network. Only 2 buses (No.445 and 603), however, pass through Bhandup East, as the area is relatively sparsely populated (most of the land in Bhandup East is owned by the Salt Department of India. The arterial road of Bhandup West is the Agra Road, while Bhandup East is flanked by the Eastern Express highway.

Progress of Bhandup in recent times

ALthough large tracts of Bhandup East remain unutilised, Bhandup West is amongst the most populated areas in Mumbai. A huge mall – Dreamz – and 5 ~20 floor buildings are coming up speedily in Bhandup West. The suburb however lacks good entertainment and recreational facilities.


  • Adarsha Vidyalaya, Farid Nagar, Bhandup(w)
  • Bhandup Education Societies English High School (B.E.S)
  • Bhandup People Education Society English High School (B.P.E.S)
  • Bhandup Night High School Village Road, Bhandup.Mumbai-400078
  • Bhandup Tank Road Muncipal High school, Bhandup(w)
  • Br. Nath Pai Vidyalaya Bhandup (E)
  • Bright high school (BHS) Bhandup(W)
  • Cosmos high school, qyarry road, Bhandup(w)
  • D.A.V. High school, Bhandup(E)
  • Guru Nanak Vidyalaya Bhandup(W)
  • I.E.S.High School, Bhandup(w)
  • Jijamata Vidyamandir (Maharashtra Nagar), Bhandup(W)
  • K Menon High School, Bhandup(E)
  • Kumari Kasturi Vidyalaya, village road, Bhandup(w)
  • National Education Society’s High School (NESHS) Bhandup (W)
  • Navjeevan Vidyamandir,tembipada, Bhandup(w)
  • New English High School, Maharashtra Nagar, Bhandup(w)
  • Oxford High School, Tank Road, Bhandup(w)
  • Parag Vidyalaya (Near-Shivaji Talov)
  • Pawar Charitable Trust’s Pawar Public School,l.b.s.marg, Bhandup(w)
  • Sahyadri Vidya Mandir (Near-Shivaji Talao), Bhandup(W)
  • St.Xavier High School & Junior College Bhandup(W)
  • Uttar Bharatiya School Bhandup(W)
  • Yeshvat Chandji Sawant Vidyalay Utkarsh nagar Bhandup (W)


Junior Colleges

  • Bright College, Village road, Bhandup(w)
  • D.A.V.College, Bhandup(e)
  • Guru Nanak college, Station road, Bhandup(w)
  • I.D.B.U.S. college, Station road, Bhandup(w)
  • Kumari Kasturi College, Village road, Bhandup(w)
  • Menon College, Bhandup(e)
  • N.E.S.Junior College, Bhatiipada road, Bhandup(w)
  • Ratnam Junior College, Bhattipada road, Bhandup(w)
  • St.Xavier’s junior college, L.B.S.Marg Bhandup(w)


  • Navjeevan Polytechnic, Tembipada, Bhandup(w)


  • Parag Pysiotherapy College, near shivaji lake, Bhandup(w)


  • for management studies
  • N.E.S Ratnam College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Bhandup(w)


  • Paranjape Garden, Datar Colony, Bhandup(E)
  • Madhuban Garden,Nr.Police station, L.B.S.Marg, Bhandup(w)


  • Kanjur Society Ground, Datar Colony, Bhandup(E)
  • B.E.S Ground, Station Road, Bhandup(E)
  • B.M.C.Ground, Near Arunodhouy Tower, Kokan nagar, Bhandup(w)
  • B.M.C.Ground, Near Miniland, Tank road, Bhandup(W)
  • B.M.C.Ground, Opp Sai ashish, Village Road, Bhandup(w)
    1. Football Clubs in Bhandup##
A)teams playing for M.D.F.A.(mumbai district football association) * G.K.W.Rangers,near Mangatram,L.B.S.marg,bhandup(W) * Ushanagar Lions,Ushanagar,village road,bhandup(W)
B)teams playing for B.S.F.A.(bhandup suburb football association) * The Sunday Boys,Naval Dockyard,Bhandup(W) * Naval Civilians,Naval Dockyard,Bhandup(W) * Ganga Mata,Bhandup(W) * Satya-Vijay ,jangal mangal rd,Bhandup(W)
C)teams playing for M.S.S.A.(mumbai school sports association) * ST.Xavier's High School,L.B.S. Marg,Bhandup(W)


  • Bageecha Restaurant, station plaza, Bhandup(w)
  • Madras Cafe, Lal Bahadur Shastri (LBS)Marg, Bhandup(w)
  • Kamal Vihar, LBS marg, Bhandup(w)
  • Sai Prasad, LBS Marg, Bhandup(w)
  • Krishna Sagar, LBS Marg, Bhandup(w)
  • Chopsuey Chinese Restaurant, Village Road, Bhandup(w)
  • Hotel Pride, L.B.S. Marg, Bhandup(w)
  • Ratna Bar & Restaurant, Station Plaza, Bhandup(w)
  • Sanjraj Bar& Restaurant,l.b.s.marg, Bhandup(w)
  • Great Punjab ,l.b.s.marg, Bhandup(w)
  • Pooja Bar & restuarnt,l.b.s.marg, Bhandup(w)
  • New Punjab Bar & Restuarnt, Bhandup(w)
  • Yashoda Mahal Bar ,village road, Bhandup(w)
  • Manasa Bar & Restaurant, LBS marg Bhandup(w)
  • Om Sai, Opposite Shivaji Talao.
  • Shera, Near Asian Paints, LBS marg

Movie Theatres

  • Saaz, Next to Shivaji Talao (Shivaji Lake)
  • Shri Krishna, Next to Bhandup Police Station


  • Tulsi Lake
  • Shivaji Lake
  • Bhandupeshwar Kunda (Bhandup East)

Petrol Pumps

  • Kaka Petrol Pump, 24 Hrs service, L.B.S Marg, Bhandup(W)
  • Mangatram Petrol Pump,L.B.S.Marg,Bhandup(w)

esidential homes

  • Amber Apartment, M.S. Marg, James Beachy Road, Bhandup(W)
  • Udayshree Coop hsg Society, Bhandup (east)
  • Chandralok Co-op housing society.datar colony, Bhandup {east}
  • Agadh Sagar , Datar Colony , Bhandup(E)
  • Dreams ,l.b.s.marg Bhandup(w)
  • Living point,l.b.s.marg Bhandup(w)
  • New ushanagar Complex, village road, Bhandup(w)
  • Ishwar nagar,l.b.s.marg Bhandup(w)
  • Kukreja Complex,l.b.s.marg Bhandup(w)
  • Usha Complex, near station, Bhandup(w)
  • Kailash Complex l.b.s.marg Bhandup(w)
  • Mayuresh Shrishti Complex, lake road Bhandup(w)
  • Sai Radha Complex,l.b.s.marg Bhandup(w)
  • Kailash park ,lake road Bhandup(w)
  • Hema park, Bhandup(e)
  • Matoshree park, Bhandup(e)
  • Arunoduoy Tower, kokan nagar, Bhandup(w)
  • Aniraj Tower, Bhandup(w)
  • Hit Niketan, Konkan Nagar, Bhandup(w)
  • Satya-vijay,jangal-mangal road, Bhandup(w)
  • Neelima Apartments, jangal mangal road, upper Bhandup(w)
  • Darling Apartments, tank road, upper Bhandup(w)
  • Mini-land,tank road ,upper Bhandup(w)
  • Ambaji Darshan, national school rd, Bhandup(w)
  • Aareel tower, near national school rd, Bhandup(w)
  • Joy Homes Station Road, Bhandup(w)
  • dutta krupa apts, Village road
  • satyam shivam ,village road
  • Rajshree Villa, N.E.S road, Bhandup(w).
  • Shree Dutta Niwas, Datar Colony, Bhandup(E).
  • Sneh-vardhini, Datar Colony, Bhandup(E).
  • Matruchaya, Datar Colony, Bhandup(E).

ATM centres

  • I.C.I.C.I. Bank, station plaza, Bhandup(w)
  • Bank of Baroda, tank road junction, Bhandup(w)
  • U.T.I.Bank,tank road junction, Bhandup(w)
  • State Bank Of India, Hema Park, Bhandup(w)
  • Punjab & Maharshtra Co-op Bank, stn rd, Bhandup(w)
  • Abhyudaya Bank, Jungle Mangal Road.


  • Apna Sahakari Bank,Shivsagar Complex,Bhandup(W)
  • Bank of Baroda, Bhandup Station Road, Ramkrishna Wadi, Bhandup (W)
  • Dena bank,l.b.s.marg,station road, Bhandup(w)
  • Bharat co-operative bank,l.b.s. marg, Bhandup(w)
  • Bharat co-operative bank, village road, Bhandup(w)
  • U.T.I.Bank,tank road, Bhandup(w)
  • State Bank of India, Bhandup Bhaichand Textile Compound, LBS Marg, Bhandup(w)
  • Union bank of India, Bhandup Bhaichand Textile Compound, LBS Marg, Bhandup(W)
  • Canara bank, kukreja complex,l.b.s.marg, Bhandup(W)
  • Abhyudhya Bank, chetna apts, jangal mangal road, Bhandup(w)
  • Punjab and Maharashtra Co-op Bank, Guru Nanak English School, Station Road, Bhandup (W)
  • Punjab and Maharashtra Co-op Bank , Bhandup industrial estate, Bhandup(w)
  • Bank of Maharshtra,l.b.s.marg,near Bhandup police chowky, Bhandup(w)
  • Punjab & Sind Bank, Bhandup, near Bhandup police chowky, Bhandup(w)
  • Maratha Sahakari Bank LTD.Bhandup(W)
  • Janakalyan Sahakari bank ltd,(Plot No – 37, Shree Niwas, Datar Colony, Bhandup (E),
  • Jaoli Sahakari Bajasmeen Aromatic Bank Limited,Hit-Ni-Ketan,Bhandup(W)
  • Indian bank, Trivedi twr bldg j.n. rd Bhandup mumbai-78
  • State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur, Bhandup village, Bhandup(w)
  • Shri arihant co-operative bk ltd, anant sidhi, l.b.s.marg,near Bhandup police chowky, Bhandup(w)
  • Sahakari Bank,Govind Nagar,Village Road,Bhandup(w)
  • Sarvodaya co-operative bk ltd, sarsar ind estate, Bhandup(w)
  • Societe Generale,C-103,Anant Sidhi,L.B.S.Marg,Bhandup(w)
  • Syndicate Bank,Shivsagar Complex,Bhandup(W)
  • The Bombay District Co-Op Bank, sai shristi, L.B.S.Marg, Bhandup(w)
  • Hindustan co-operative bk ltd, jijamatha vidhyalaya, quarry road, Bhandupw
  • D.H.F.L ,dreams residency,l.b.s.marg, Bhandup(w)
  • Citifinancial, hotel pride,l.b.s.marg, Bhandup(w)
  • Karur Vysya Bank,Tank Rd,Miniland,Bhandup(w)
  • Kurla nagrik Sahakari bank ltd, Bhandup(w)
  • Kurla nagrik Sahakari bank ltd, Bhandup village , Bhandup(e)
  • Urban co-operative bank, Bhandup(w)

Places of worship


  • Jama Masjid Near Shivaji Talao Bhandup(w)
  • Jama Masjid Near Pathan Colony Bhandup(w)
  • Jama Masjid Near Sonapur Bhandup(w)
  • Jama Masjid Near Gaon Devi Bhandup(w)


  • St Stephen’s Tamil Church Milind Nagar Bhandup(W)
  • St Anthony’s Church Tempipada Bhandup(W)
  • St. Xavier’s School (Services held regularly in school hall)


  • Bala Ganesher Aalayam, Hanuman nagar, Bhandup(W)
  • Pach Mandir, shivaji nagar, Bhandup(W)
  • Ganesh Mandir, Ganesh Nagar, Bhandup(w)
  • Shree Saibaba mandir, Ganesh Nagar, Bhandup(W)
  • Maruti Mandir, lake road Bhandup(w)
  • Shree Ram Mandir, gamdevi road Bhandup(w)
  • Santoshi Mata mandir, village road Bhandup(w)
  • Kaali Mata Mandir, jangal mangal road Bhandup(w)
  • Saibaba Mandir, station road Bhandup(w)
  • Shree Ganpati Mandir, jangal mangal road Bhandup(w)
  • Ganpati Mandir, Police chowki, Bhandup (w)
  • Sai Baba Mandir,N.E.S road, Bhandup(w)
  • Ganesh Mandir, Datar Colony, Bhandup(E)
  • Hanuman Mandir, Datar Colony, Bhandup(E)
  • Kashi Vishweshwar, Datar Colony, Bhandup(E)
  • Dutta Mandir, Datar Colony, Bhandup(E)
  • Chamunda devi Mandir, Chamunda nagar, Bhandup(E)

Jain Mandir

  • Jain mandir, near police station Bhandup(w)
  • Jain mandir, ishwar nagar station road Bhandup(w)
  • Jain mandir, kukreja complex Bhandup(w)
  • Jain mandir, village road Bhandup(w)


  • gurudwara, l.b.s. marg Bhandup(w)
  • gurudwara patra chawl ,village road Bhandup(w)

Health care and cure


  • Soubhagya hospital,miniland, Bhandup(w)
  • M.S. hospital,miniland, Bhandup(w)
  • Bal Chikitshalya,miniland, Bhandup(w)
  • Bhandup citizen’s hospital, Bhandup(w)
  • Krishna Hopital, Bhandup(w)
  • Ashirwad hospital, Bhandup(w)
  • Chandan hospital, village road, Bhandup(w)
  • Badwaik hospital,l.b.s.marg, Bhandup(w)
  • Padmashree nursing home, kukreja complex, Bhandup(w)
  • Bhatia hospital, village road, Bhandup(w)
  • Muncipal hospital, near shivaji talao, Bhandup(w)
  • Shree Ramakrishna Eye Hospital,J.M. rd,Bhandup(w)
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28 Responses to “Bhandup”

  1. Joanna Krupa Says:

    krupa videos

    Interesting post. I came across this blog by accident, but it was a good accident. I have now bookmarked your blog for future use. Best wishes. Joanna Krupa.

  2. Pooja Says:

    I am a resident of Joy Homes Station Road, Bhandup(w)
    I hav been there from last few months, and facing a very critical problem.
    during light cuts in bhandup.. no temporary lift facility is provided in apartment..
    And this is a 15 floor building..
    Now everyone can imagine the harrasment faced by us.
    and usually those light cuts occur in morning hrs in between 7am to 11am
    As we have complaintd a no. of times.. bt all in vain.
    Dont know..what to do now

    • Bipin Says:

      Hi Pooja,
      Hope u r not facing thast problem right now. the generator was installed long back . the problem u had faced was a temporary one and generator has been installed after 2 week of load sheding..

  3. nshirodkar Says:

    I was born and brought up in Bhandup East
    I love Bhandup! however past 10 years i live in US so i am not sure was has changed.I have been there 2-3 times saw new constructions around.did not get a chance to go to the malls and railway station.This year i will go and take all the pictures of bhandup as much as i could.
    Regarding the power cuts,its such a pathetic thing.People are suffering so much and they goverment is doing nothing about it.This needs to stop.If you want to cut the power cut it for yourself first dont cut for janata janardan.That too they are selective in cutting the power.Cut the power of Bollywood studios and sets.Cut the power of Bars and pubs in western suburbs.

  4. Nadim Says:

    I m nadim shaikh who currently residing in delhi but i was born and done my schoolong till 10th from bhandup.i USED TO RESIED AT PATHAN COLONY.Thus despite being in delhi for the last 5years but then too i could forget my childhood palce and due to which i came accross to this site while looking for some info about my place. And to be honest i have found thios site worthy enough to be followed for the info of any suburb of mumbai.I would like to thank the contributors of this site.

  5. Lipsa Singh Says:

    Could someone please give me the contact number for security gate in Sai Radha Complex, L.B.S. Marg, Bhandup? Its urgent…

  6. Navin Says:

    Hi i was raised and finished my schooling and college in bhandup i had lots of naka friends there, we enjoyed bhandup and will remain in memoirs for ever. cause thats the plcae we learned and faced ups & lows of our life which made me to be strong and belive , If theres a will thers a way, lot of talent spread around the world is from bhandup.


  7. Navin Maini Says:

    Hi i was raised and finished my schooling and college in bhandup i had lots of naka friends there, we enjoyed bhandup and will remain in memoirs for ever. cause thats the plcae we learned and faced ups & lows of our life which made me to be strong and belive , If theres a will thers a way, lot of talent spread around the world is from bhandup.

    I was from Sahayadri nagar


  8. Nasim Ansari Says:


  9. Lily Says:

    hey im new in bhandup.. so just checked abt any existing blog!! glad i found this one!

  10. Nasim Says:

    Hi LiLy
    Welcome to bhnadup where u stay add me on orkut

  11. Ravi Says:

    Hi, iam Ravi well iam also from bhandup place called gamdevi and my parents still staying but i since 16 years left bhandup but every year i come down , infact i got a good memories to share even good place to enjoy during school vacation specially railway station ka wada paw joint ,lamon sarbat, gagan niwas criket ground etc

  12. Sushant tirlotkar Says:

    Hi,I am sushant Tirlotkar.I was born in bhandup west,Maharashtra nagar,radha nivas.after 17 yrs of my birth i left bhandup and settled in thane.i still miss my school “st xaviers 2001 batch”.my school ground ,frenz.I still have my relatives there .one day i will be back in mumbai my birth place.

  13. sameer sawant Says:

    hi , i am sameer sawant, i love bhandup

  14. murugan Says:

    i am born and brought up in bhandup-village road. done my studies in bright/menon college,bhandup. inspite of all traffic congestion, power cut etc. etc. i simply love bhandup and i can not think of living anywhere else in the world.

  15. Prasad mane Says:

    Hi.m prasad mane from samarth nagar.i still reside in bhandup.i miss my school days.i had studied in oxford high school.i still love ma school days.the people residing in bhandup r very caring and loving.i m proud of being a bhandupkar

  16. joseph Says:

    Hi i love my bhandup better than any place in the world. last five years i miss i miss my dream place. more than 15 years i live in gam devi road. i have small pest control bussinus there. i have a dream when i got free i like stay over there.

  17. Suchit Says:

    Bhandup has changed a lot…the updated information is of 2-3 years back….If you want to stay in a place where people care for you, then its Bhandup….Bhandup has come a long way and is developing into a excellent location in Suburban Mumbai….Just need to add few more play area and gardens…..Very Happy to be a Bhandupkar.

    • Bipin Says:

      Yeah Suchit ,
      I completely agree with you. but there is lot more to be improved. like widening of station road and LBS road , everywhere we see big hoarding on politicians for no good reasons. we also need a good sportsclub like kalidas in mulund west.

  18. Seema Sorte Says:

    i am born and brought up in bhandup-village road near usha nagar, i done my all studies in kasturi school/and college area is all inspite of all traffic congestion. i just love bhandup i prode to say ki i m bhandupkar.

  19. amarnath Says:

    hie i m amarnath frm tulsheth pada and i m very happy with all my tulsheth pada frnd as well as with my marutimitra mandal frnds also, if u wnat to join our mandal so plyz contact our head dilip pal

  20. SAI Says:

    i am staying in bhandup for last 6 months after marriage. The people here are very friendly.There is no water problem,no load place in MUMBAI

  21. karan kunder Says:

    Well guys east or west bhandup is a best. I stay at shastri nagar .village road and completed my studies at bright high school .and always love to be a bhandupkar.

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