Mira Road

Mira Road is a small town in Thane district just north of the city of Mumbai. It is part of the Mira-Bhayander Municipal Corporation. Mira Road is the name of a railway station on the Mumbai suburban railway on the Western Railway railway line.

Mira Road has developed gradually into an important residential locality due to its proximity to Mumbai and lower cost of living. It is situated on the island of Salcette. A marshy creek divides Mira Road from Mumbai. Mira Road is divided into two main parts, Shanti Nagar and Naya Nagar. Shanti Nagar is cosmopolitan in nature in terms of residents residing there. Naya Nagar has a majority of Muslim Residents.

Although not technically in Mumbai, Mira Road looks and behaves like Mumbai. This is so , as almost all the people living here have moved from Mumbai in seach of bigger, cheaper apartments and space. Mira road has good wide roads, but has a major Water and Transport problem. Many buildings do not have municipal water and have to make do with water transported to the buildings via tankers which is often dirty and costs more.

Mira Road has a considerable forested area. Although it is officially not under the BMC it enjoys all the facilities available in Mumbai like 24hr power supply from Reliance, Telephone services from MTNL and piped gas from Mahanagar Gas, Bus services from BEST etc. Mira Road gives substantial revenue to the Maharashtra Govt. thru taxes , specially Registration and stamp duty on new flats bought by the ever increasing number of people moving in from Mumbai. This is so as it is cheaper to buy flats and property in Mira Road as compared to Mumbai proper. Still Mira Road does not have a proper hospital, no government schools and hardly any public places, like parks , etc.

Mira Road suffers the same nightmare of travel through suburban trains(used by most residents)as faced by most of the residents outside Mumbai, but close to Mumbai i.e Dahisar, Bhayandar, Nalla Sopara , Virar, etc).There is only one railway line (dedicated towards one way – up or down) from Borivili to Virar.Almost 95 % of Mira Road residents work in Mumbai. Mira Road and its sister suburbs are in great need of more railway lines , so that 2 up and 2 down Railway lines can be operated simultaneously.

Educational Institutions

  • Holy Cross Covent School
  • NL Dalmia High School
  • Kanakia (ICSE board school)
  • Royal College of Arts, Commerce and Science
  • N.H English Academy school
  • P.G.Vora School
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Vidhyalaya

Entertainment centres

  • CineMAX Multiplex
  • Razzaz Multiplex


  • United Sports Club in Shanti nagar –
    • It was established by Mr. Kishore Sharma. Ranji player Iqbal Thakur was the cricket coach of that club.
  • Mira Road Sports Club –
    • It was opened in 2003 by Mr. Muzaffar Hussain and here too the coach was Iqbal Thakur.

Mira Road
Next station south:
Mumbai suburban railway : Western Railway Next station north:
Stop Number:23 KM from starting:39.76

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73 Responses to “Mira Road”

  1. parvez ahmed ansari Says:


  2. sunil sawai Says:

    corruption at octroi office in dombivli .

    Konark co. is having contract of collecting octroi for dombivli ,kayan .

    people posted at octroi posts are highly corrupted.
    They ask people weither they want to pay octroi ,if they say no , these people ask them to pay 50 percent of the amount of octroi ,they pocket this amount.
    Personnel expereience.

    konark management willplease look into this .

    sunil sawai 9820138626

  3. sunil sawai Says:

    Konark coctroi company management : How r u going to check corruption at octroi post by ur own people

    sunil sawai

  4. Ragheb Alama Says:


    Interesting post. I came across this blog by accident, but it was a good accident. I have now bookmarked your blog for future use. Best wishes. Ragheb Alama Website Team.

  5. Rishi Says:

    I am a resident of Mira road and i have been here from past 14 years…
    This place didnot have much municipal water supply (because of Tanker suppliers monopoly)
    did not come in to mumbai (because the revenue collection by Octroi)
    But, this place does have some nice places
    1. Very Good Hospital (Bhakti Vedanta)
    2. College (ROyal college) the only disciplined college in mumbai, where prayers are conducted.
    3. NL Dalmiya school and management college
    4. Asmita shopping centers (3 Nos)where you can do your monthly groceries shopping
    5. CineMax theater, where you can buy current tickets . No need to wait in long queues as per mumbai.
    6. No Pollution, NO noise, No Violence.
    7. Good and safe surroundings for children to grow up from School till Graduation.
    8. No Hutments, No beggars, NO RObberies …
    9. A population of middle class, so there is no kind of Class barriers.
    10. Just need more BEST busses and also some trains to start from Mira Road. Rest all is Fine

    • swaroop gujarathi Says:

      hi can u tell me where are good paediatrics hospitals in mira road and bhyander ? I need it for my son .

  6. saba Says:

    I am resident of mira road since 25 years.
    When we shifted to mira road it was very cool, peace and was like a foresty place but now after the construction it bcome conjusted everywhere. Builders are just going on buildings apts as they want to earn money their is no parking, garden for the residents.
    During rainy season there is no drainage facility everywhere on the raod there are water. Its very difficult during rainy seasons but this BMC is not taking serious action abt this. There should be more railway lines, garden, parking areas. Rest all is ok.
    I like Mira road very much

  7. Sanjay Pawar Says:

    I have taken 2 flats in Lavlesh Enclave almost 1 year back, in Lavlesh Enclave, Behind Deepak Hospital, Mira road (E).
    Condition of the road is so bad, we cant even walk upto the building in rainy season. So much mud is there. Builder says its a MBMC road, they will build. MBMC does not give attention to that road. Hence we are unable to shift there in our new house. We are staying on rental inspite of having our own flats.
    Please help.

  8. Priyanka Says:

    Hi, I have just taken a flat at mira road, i have not yet faced any problems yet: except the one: people over here are very aggressive standing outside the ATM’s,they r just in so much of hurry that cant wait for 5 minutes for someones transactions going on especially at HDFC Atm. ladies here dont support ladies.i dont say that there r bad people here but yes there are also genuine people here..only thing is people need to understand eachother and start leaving in peace to make it a better mera road not mira’s road.i wish all good luck to mira road. may god bless mira road.

  9. R. Menezes Says:

    The idea of three cremetoriams was distinctly the best idea. However, i have just visited the christian grave yard on 19/8/07 and its in an absolute mess. the grass is grown upto a meter and the graves of our dear ones are not visible at all. It is scary to even try and pull out the grass from the graves. Whereas the other two graveyards/cremetoriam are absolutely spic and span with all the grass trimmed. I believe that when flower plants were grown on graves just to keep it clean, the higher authorities pulled them off saying that it is not permissable. In that way it would have remained clean atleast. Can the municipal department please, please have this cleaned so that when one pays a visit to their near and dear ones, there is some respect left for them.

  10. Hi Says:

    As all ideas above conflict to each other.As other place of Mumbai ,Mira road is also same some area have good road than some have bad, some people are good so some are bad.As BMC dont do their work so same to MBMC.We cant jst blame builders,MBMC even people don’t keep their surrounding clean, this situation is not in only Mira Road but maximum area of Mumbai.
    Thats all

  11. sunil Says:

    I live in mira road since 2000 and transport really botherd me inetialy.But a car, byke and first class pass can easily ease up traveling problem.i am bulding e commerce bussiness in mumbai looking for mira road residence to partispate in it.Business can be done easily with your current job and business, You can replace your income within 6 month without giving up your current occupation.male female between 18 to 65 age are wellcome contact me on 09323509503 or email yor cv on sunilrawat_3@rediffmail.com.

  12. Sujan salian Says:

    The face of Mira Road has really changed with the inception of many new facilities.
    you now have Thakur mall, Cinemax, Rassaz for shopping and watching movies.
    There are number of supermarkets and retail outlets like Reliance fresh, Subiksha ,Foodland Fresh, More for you etc.
    All leading cellular operators have opened their customer care centres in Mira road.
    Royal college is one of the best college in terms of discipline and results.
    Crematorium is well maintained.
    but still a lot needs to be done to compare Mira Road with Borivali and other suburbs thereafter.

  13. Sama Says:


    I have recently shifted to mira road. However I have just discovered that water supply is not regular in my society. I want to know if there is an option of getting 24 hr water supply or any other option. I have a storage tank but if the water supply does not come, its of no use… would be great if someone can enlighten me on this.


  14. NISHITH Says:


  15. sama Says:

    Sama we have been living since 2000.Only solution we have found is have enouh sintex water tanks at home and enjoy 24 hour water supply.

  16. Ayesha Says:

    Can anyone tell me the names of schools in the Shanti Park area and around it. SSC board, and NOT of very high standard, sort of mid level , for 3rd standard going girl. Also playgroup name for 2 yr girl.

  17. prateeksh Says:

    i agree with the private octroi problem in mira road. i have just shifter there and it is becoming more and more problematic. i am even charged octroi on my old furniture and used things. someone please let me know if this is allowed and if there is a way to avoid this. thanks

    • sagar bhatia Says:

      give twenty ruppees they ,ll not charge you for old furniture whn u enter miraraod just pay those idiot s 20 to 50 bucks hey,ll not even stop u i shifted last month i did the same 25 rupees he not even stopped my tempo

  18. Neha Says:

    We are staying in Mira road from last 10 months. We stay in Shanti Dham, near royal college i am enjoying the stay as there is not much pollution, population and one can relax after reaching home. Also new societies are providing small gardens in complex only and good amenities in cheaper rates.
    But the main problem which I am facing is outside our complex. Road outside our complex is worse than village roads. It is muddy with big stones and holes. Government is not bothered about making proper road but it is more like dumping ground for them. I have seen many time that trucks leave there waste material on the middle of the road because of which it becomes very difficult to drive. Even Rickshaw people don’t want to come here and if we force they charge extra for coming to such bad road. Moving out in Rain is a nightmare. Another problem is mosquitoes.
    We don’t have water or electricity problem. We have 24hr BMC water and reliance energy.
    So over all life in Mira road is cool. But please tell me what can be done about roads?

    • sufi kahn Says:

      why don’t u start digging at nights? hopefully your children will be able to utilize it! ‘lol.. nevathaless i replied a bit late! 😉

  19. rajeevrawat Says:

    its very good and nice

  20. rajeevrawat Says:

    its very good and nice and its very sad that i m not living there and the people who r really sad about it r most welcome to give me sufficient money and i will not mind please contact me on my mobile no which is 09899385966
    Have a great pleasure in ur life BUY

  21. Sunil Chacko Says:

    Hey can anyone help me find accomodation from may to september 08. Budget Rs.3 thou. a month.thanks in advance.

    • Mohammed Ahtesham Shaikh Says:

      Group Tuitions
      With an experience of over 7 years in offering tuitions from year 2000 to 2007 at Mumbai, we are starting tuitions for students from Nursery to 8th standard here in Mira Road. The students can be from SSC, CBSE or ICSE.

      Veg and Non-veg Food
      With flair in preparing tasty and finger licking food, we also deliver daily meals at nominal charges. Our meals are made with adherence to high standard quality control to ensure that every meal delivered is made from the best quality ingredients without compromising on taste. If you are planning a house party, you can place your party food order with us for both vegetarian and non vegetarian food.

      For further details you can contact Mohammed Ahtesham Shaikh on 9820998588

      A-602, Arnica,
      Jangid Enclave,
      Opp. Laxmi Park,
      Kanakia Road,
      Mira Road East.
      Pin: 401107

  22. vikas Says:

    I m planning to shift to Mira road. thanks to all those who have posted their openion here. What i got from this blog is … I need to take care about water, road ……….. thats it. i hope my stay in mira road will be pleasent. 🙂

  23. Sanjay Says:

    Mira road is always good except Road condition of the Mira Road which is urgent requirement of the people. Property Rates are going up in Mira Road. People are investing in Mira Road but cant settle due the road condition in rainy season is worse.

  24. Ritu Says:

    Can you please help me with any call centre or customer service centre in Mira Rd, a small office will also do.

    Someone named Sujan salian has mentioned “All leading cellular operators have opened their customer care centres in Mira road.”
    Can you please help me with the address of two to three.

    It would be great if someone responses.
    Thanks for your time.

    • Ricky Says:

      hey thrz a bpo named “stream” and as well as “epicenter” has opened up thr branch in mira rd./bhaynder..thr r more to come…if in any doubts lemme know…

  25. neha gaikwad Says:

    i m taking flat in sai sneha complex in mirabhayender , plz any one help me how is this complex and what r problems there

  26. sanjay Says:

    Dear all, Hi, i have shifted to mira road one month back and find this to be a nice cool place compare to mumbai and still adjoining to mumbai. I need your help to find a good internet service provider in mira road. If some body can help me on this. Pl Call 9867295063


  27. asif Says:

    hi dear freinds, actually is there anybody to please give me assistance regarding call centre in mira road, please except STREAMS in bhayender i appreciate ur people job……

  28. tanya Says:

    i got a job offer from mira road public school…for teaching..is there such school? if yes…how is it? they mailed me through monster.

  29. sunil sawai Says:

    konark company
    konark company should resolve corruption in there office.
    They should send fake customers and see how corrupt officers are collecting the octroi without paying it to konark company
    sunil sawai

  30. Subhash Says:

    Mira Road is a wonderful place for residence purpose. I am very happy to shift to this place from my Andheri Flat. Its cool in evenings with lots of greeneries around, its has wide open roads which can allow me a bike ride, it has two big malls (Thakur & Maxus) with India’s biggest mall (DB Mall) coming up, it has world class schools like Dalmiya, it has both railway station quite approachable from all places of Mira road, Wester Express Highway has touch Mira road, 24 hrs un interrupted electic supply, cooperative and cosmopolitan people, Gorai beach with a nice bike ride for 15 kms, VaktiVedanta Group of Hospitals and a market which offeres most of the suffs cheaper than main Mumbai. Whatelse someone want from a place to stay? Its amazing.
    Long live : Mira road

    • kumar Says:

      We are also planning to shift to Mira road and i think after 2 yrs as per your mail it must be better now. Though we are hearing all bad things about this place and the builders, i hope we have taken a correct decision. i just wanted to know are you still residing there and do you know anything about Ravi developers?Are there problems of roads and municipal water? will be grateful if you will reply, thanks

  31. SUNIL RAWAT Says:

    sunil Says:
    September 8, 2007 at 6:35 am

    I live in mira road since 2000 and transport really botherd me inetialy.But a car, byke and first class pass can easily ease up traveling problem.i am bulding e commerce bussiness in mumbai looking for mira road residence to partispate in it.Business can be done easily with your current job and business, You can replace your income within 6 month without giving up your current occupation.male female between 18 to 65 age are wellcome contact me on 09323509503 or email yor cv on sunilrawat_3@rediffmail.com.

    pls ignore earlier number my current no 9769954077 and new enail id is sunil.rawat.8@gmail.comn

  32. Lionel Noronha Says:

    I have recently started a website on Mira Road :
    http://www.mira-road.com . This site is already contains useful information on Mira Road namely transport timing. Kindly visit it and leave your useful feedback there.,

  33. Liuet Bachan Nagiyal Says:

    My family is staying in Mira road since 2006 and quite nice place especially in Poonam Sagar Complex a new development. I am indeed thankful to Mr S Muzaffar Hussain, a developer in this area, for developing a Muncipal Garden and Joggers Park near to the three Cemetaries.
    It is very helpfull to the residents, I mostly go and take part in Jogging/walking, i see ladies alongwith their children and old men/women trying to keep theirself fit.

  34. kiran Says:

    Really Mira Road is nice place.

  35. niranjan Says:

    Hi Like to know the reviws on SVP school in Mira road , as I am looking for my daughters admission

  36. liocyril Says:

    I have launched a a forum for my website Mira-Road.com :
    http://www.mira-road.com/forum. This forum will act as a media for communicating and discussing various queries and other part. So visit the forum and register yourself and also tell your friends.

  37. Aftab Khan Says:

    I am staying i n mira road fro the last 15 years, hence i opted to purchase anew flat in mira road.i got a flat in Gaurav Woods, Ravi Builders. but i have got hte news that the building is not having some clearence certificate hence we cannot dot he registration without it,Can nnyone pass any information regarding it.

    • kumar Says:

      even we have purchased a flat in gaurav woods, any progress as to when they are giving possession?i think we should try to coordinate with maximum number of people who have bought flats in the aforesaid building and pressurize the builder to give proper feedback.

      • Aftab Says:

        The builder is saying for december possesionm But the work is so slow you can expect for only april may possesion,We all have to come together against him..

      • Asif Khan Says:

        Hello Kumar,

        Have you got any information on when the builder is going to give the possession now. We are just tired of his lies. Earlier he had said in April. But the work is going on so slow that it appears it will take another year.



  38. Kamlesh Says:

    My name is Kamlesh singh,
    I am a TAEKWONDO teacher currently teaching in Don Bosco school,New golden nest high school,Rk memorial high school,A P International school etc.I even give personal training and teach kick boxing in couple of Gym
    If any body interested in learning Taekwondo children adult ,Men and women any body any age feel free to contact me.
    My mobile no is 9702152209,9221751638

    I even recommend dietary supplement for physical strength and stamina

  39. Akash Says:

    Hi friends I have come up with good earning opportunity in Mira Road for housewives who want to support there husband, freshers and people who want to make money in part time , work as a financial adviser with Reliance Life Insurance, know how to create asset for future,get life cover and also save income tax. etc. contact 9930708645

    all vehicles are insured but human being not why ?

  40. nizar Says:

    what is the population of Mira road

  41. Arun Says:

    I am thinking of buying a flat in Mira Road for my family of 3 by the beginning of next year.
    Can the current residents of Mira Road care enough to discuss the pros & cons of Mira Road through this forum?
    I need 24-hour power & water supply as I am used to this facility in the western suburbs of Mumbai, where; I have resided throughout my life.
    Can I also expect piped gas connection from MGL in Mira Road?
    Besides,how is the quality of life in Mira Road?
    Also,how much would it cost me to purchase a 2 BHK resale flat nearer to the Mira Road station as I do not wish to commute much up to the station?

    If anyone would be kind enough to throw some light on the above mentioned points;I shall be very indebted to them.
    You can also mail me if you find it more convenient.

    Thank You!!

    Email ID: am646958@gmail.com

  42. Saurabh Says:


    Can some tell me any good child specialist and gyenocologist in Mira Road (E). I am staying in Beverly park near Cinemax.

  43. ashwini a Says:

    hi all. i wantd 2 complaint abt the crowd which is gatherd by rickshawalas out of the maxus mall.which has lead 2 a several accident.i would only request 2 appoint any traffi2 police.or inform security guardr.thaj not 2 allow any crowd in the frnt gate of mall.actualy the rd are also very much conjustd thank you

  44. jaydeep Says:

    Hi all
    I bought 2 BHK flat in mira road kanakia in society “silver oak” and shifted just 15 days back, this society is recognized as one on the best society around but the problem is crisis of water. Almost every society gets water 2 times in a day but here in sliver oak we get only once, on top on that their is no water supply almost 3 times a week and some time 2 days continuously. If i had any information on this, i would have not bought the flat in silver oak. The society says that they do not allow tanker water because of hygiene, if that’s the case then how every other society is using it ? i dont know what to do….

    Please if anybody planning to buy flat here then think 100 times before it..

  45. Satish Dedhia Says:

    Hi! Station Road at Shanti Nagar side gets dirty day by day. One even cannot walk and has to go through rubbish, mud and wastage dumped by Bhajiwalas.
    Needs following initiatives:
    1. Do not allow Bhajiwalas to seat immediately outside Station.
    2. Regular cleaning
    3. Repairing & Leveling of Road to avoid water accumulation.
    4. Improved drainage for immediate rain water outlet.
    I have done following. Can’t you do?
    1. Send SMS to your local Corporators. And to Shri Chandrakant Modi @9322711888, Shri Anil Sawant@9323226295, Shri Narendra Mehta @9821346115, 9220835970, Shri Eknath Shine @ 9871764726. Municipal Officer @9322198998
    2. Send email to Shri Muzzafar Hussain @muzaffarhussain.mlc@gmail.com
    3. Lodge protests at http://www.jeetegakaun.in/
    4. Asks your friends, colleagues, neighbors to above.
    Thank you.

  46. anil pawar Says:

    im anil pawar icome mira road 2000 mein ne shaadhi ki 200 mein muje ajj tak mira raod nahi jama machar itna hain ki bus pani ka pata nahi bus sir chup jaye gar mil jayae

  47. violet fernandes Says:

    hi, im a middleclass person, im interested in buying a house at miraroad,(1bhk), so iwant aresale flat with all the facilities,like good surrounding, 24hrs water supply, n nearer to church n market, i want a low budget flat, n if any bank can provide me the loan of full amount it will be grateful, thankyou very much.

  48. swaroop gujarathi Says:

    Hi can someone let me know the road map of mira road , or mira bhyander road .??Plz

  49. swaroop gujarathi Says:

    hi also can some one let me know the property rates in MIRA Road .??u can call me on 9769569444

  50. mehul Says:

    i want to take admission in nursery for my child please suggest me which is the best scholl between this 2
    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel or RBk.kankia school..cost wise and also culturewise…..28th dec ‘2010 is the last for fees in Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel…reply fast.

  51. Amit Says:

    Can any body please help me with the feedback on area behind GCC Club. I am buying a flat in Ackruti Gardenia.

    How about Transportation, Water, Other Facilities in the area.

  52. dr ananda Says:

    near evershine area the property is best.Just in 3 years the cost of 2 bhk can be around 75 lakhs.Aroung 15 towers are coming up here.I have perchase one and it just class

  53. dr ananda Says:

    Around cinimax its costly.I am in close contact with government friends and they say just in 1 year mira road will be like dam costly with good wate and best roads drinage.Dont think much just perrchase in mira road.just in 5 years can get a crore.I mean it amazing na

  54. dr ananda Says:

    gourav city is the locality for rich and class1.I think just 2 years it will be equal to borivilli and navimumbai.More over near to mumbai so great choice now.

  55. Nina Says:

    MTNL Road problem

  56. Nina Says:

    Yes …Victimized and put to unlimited loss of money and time.. MTNL road which was dug early last year is still in deplorable state. due to which we the resident of Jangid and adjacent areas are facing lot of problems…Please get this problem sorted.. How long should we wait???????

  57. Subrat Says:

    where is Asmita shopping centers located

  58. Manish Says:

    we are in mira road from since 2006, everything was / is fine only one Doctor who is running maternity hospital in our premises, without any society permission , can any body suggest me how to fight with such people / system
    if somebody knows in MBMC / society lawyer.

  59. Best school in mira road.st pauls high school.abrahim sir is d chair person.mary mam is d trustee n pearl mam is d principal.i have worked 6 yrs in their school.n d managment really respects each n every teacher.it was really my bad luck dat i hd to resig Says:

    Good page to view our thoughts.

  60. Kanu bhai Says:

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  61. Dewayne Haessly Says:

    My family every time say that I am killing my time here atweb, but I know I am getting familiarity allthe time by reading such good articles.

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