Mira Road

Mira Road is a small town in Thane district just north of the city of Mumbai. It is part of the Mira-Bhayander Municipal Corporation. Mira Road is the name of a railway station on the Mumbai suburban railway on the Western Railway railway line.

Mira Road has developed gradually into an important residential locality due to its proximity to Mumbai and lower cost of living. It is situated on the island of Salcette. A marshy creek divides Mira Road from Mumbai. Mira Road is divided into two main parts, Shanti Nagar and Naya Nagar. Shanti Nagar is cosmopolitan in nature in terms of residents residing there. Naya Nagar has a majority of Muslim Residents.

Although not technically in Mumbai, Mira Road looks and behaves like Mumbai. This is so , as almost all the people living here have moved from Mumbai in seach of bigger, cheaper apartments and space. Mira road has good wide roads, but has a major Water and Transport problem. Many buildings do not have municipal water and have to make do with water transported to the buildings via tankers which is often dirty and costs more.

Mira Road has a considerable forested area. Although it is officially not under the BMC it enjoys all the facilities available in Mumbai like 24hr power supply from Reliance, Telephone services from MTNL and piped gas from Mahanagar Gas, Bus services from BEST etc. Mira Road gives substantial revenue to the Maharashtra Govt. thru taxes , specially Registration and stamp duty on new flats bought by the ever increasing number of people moving in from Mumbai. This is so as it is cheaper to buy flats and property in Mira Road as compared to Mumbai proper. Still Mira Road does not have a proper hospital, no government schools and hardly any public places, like parks , etc.

Mira Road suffers the same nightmare of travel through suburban trains(used by most residents)as faced by most of the residents outside Mumbai, but close to Mumbai i.e Dahisar, Bhayandar, Nalla Sopara , Virar, etc).There is only one railway line (dedicated towards one way – up or down) from Borivili to Virar.Almost 95 % of Mira Road residents work in Mumbai. Mira Road and its sister suburbs are in great need of more railway lines , so that 2 up and 2 down Railway lines can be operated simultaneously.

Educational Institutions

  • Holy Cross Covent School
  • NL Dalmia High School
  • Kanakia (ICSE board school)
  • Royal College of Arts, Commerce and Science
  • N.H English Academy school
  • P.G.Vora School
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Vidhyalaya

Entertainment centres

  • CineMAX Multiplex
  • Razzaz Multiplex


  • United Sports Club in Shanti nagar –
    • It was established by Mr. Kishore Sharma. Ranji player Iqbal Thakur was the cricket coach of that club.
  • Mira Road Sports Club –
    • It was opened in 2003 by Mr. Muzaffar Hussain and here too the coach was Iqbal Thakur.

Mira Road
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Stop Number:23 KM from starting:39.76

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Bhayandar is a region in Thane District near Mumbai, on the west coast of India. A 2002 estimate put the population of the Mira Bhayandar municipal area at 520,301. The population consists of a varied mix of castes/cultures and religions typical of a burgeoning suburb. The only road route to Bhayander is through Mira Road which in turn connects to Mumbai through the Western Express Highway (NH8). The Western Railway Suburban local train service is the primary means of transport and commute to Mumbai. Bhayander is divided into two parts by the Mumbai suburban rail line – East and West. The West was traditionally residential, and the East was predominantly an industrial area. Recent population growth and a flurry of construction has blurred the boundaries between Bhayandar and neighbouring Mira Road on the East side of the rail tracks, turning it into a populous suburb. Government-owned Salt Pans and marshland in West Mira Road have restricted the southward spread of Bhayandar.The east Indian villages in Bhayander are Dongri, Uttan, Pali Chowk, Tarodi, etc. These villages were formed by Portuguese travellers when Vasai (formerly Bassien) was a famous port. One route for “Essel World” is via Gorai, one of the villages close to Bhayandar. Gorai is also popular for its beach and nearby Manori beach and is a popular weekend getaway for Bhayandar residents. In the 1970s Bhayander was a village before the builders converted the fertile farming land into a concrete jungle. Some of the landmarks in Bhayandar are the historic and highly regarded Jain Temple and Our Lady of Nazareth Catholic Church. The Jain temple at Bhayander is a ‘Bawan Jinalaya’… literally a main temple with 52 smaller temples/ statues surrounding it. This was the first of its kind in Maharashtra. Though, now there are other such temples in the State.

The Our Lady of Nazareth Church is a beautiful church, especially, the way light enters from its roof and shines on the statue of Jesus. The newer [and larger] Church is built on the site of an older church that served the local population for more than a 100 years.

The recent success of Real Estate in Mumbai has helped Bhayander become one of the populated stations on the Western railway circuit. There are trains starting and ending at this station and this shows the growth of Bhayander in the last decade. A normal one BHK flat in a posh area like Jesal Park and Indralok (in Bhayander (E) would cost you some where around 9 or 10 lakhs. The rates in Bhayander (W) (60 feet or 150 feet road) are even higher a 1BHK flat would cost you around 10 or 11 lakhs. Recent developments have shown that Bhayander is coming up as an important destination to stay as a lot of the residents from Mumbai suburbs are moving in. This is just the start and if the development contiues then Bhayander will be one of the most important stations in the Western Railway circuit.

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Computer Classes in Bhayandar

Expert Computers : The most leading one.   Contact Deepak Jaju at 9892638770

Vignesh Computers
Shanti Ganga, Opp. Rly. Station, Bhayandar (East) 8151652
Cyber Soft Computer Inistitue Station Road Bhayander(W). 819 1078
819 1079
K.C.C. Computer
Shanti Shopping Center Mira Road 819 3465
Indo German Computer center                       —
819 3850
Infotech Computer Education B-1, New Shanti Apt., Opp. Railway Station Ticket Counter, Bhayandar(E). 816 2526
816 7783
Mufisoft Computer Education & Hardware Suppliers. Sagar Complex, jesal park, bhayandar(E). 817 1075
816 1423
° Raj Computers
Mr. Kaushal Pandya
5/6, Mahavir Jyot, Modi Patel Road, Bhayandar(W) 819 0658

Unicorn Computer Education                      – 819 3627

Hospitals in Bhayandar


Hospital Name Address Telephone
Agrawal Nursing Home
Dr.  Shiv Bhagvan Agrawal
Mrs.   Leela Agrawal
Station Rd., Near United Western bank, Bhayandar (W) 819 2276
Ankit Nursing Home
Agrawal Naval Kishore ( M.D)
Staion Rd., Near Union Bank of India, Bhayandar (W) 819 3876
Ashirwad Maternity
Dr. Nagarkatti  Rajendra
Mrs. Asha  Nagarkatti (M.B.B.S., D.G.O., D.A)
  819 1958
Ashwini Hospital
Dr.  Muzaffar &  Mr and Mrs Matkar  (M.S)
  819 1304
Dhanvantri Hospital   819 2565
Dr. Jivrajka Hospital
Mr.  & Mrs.  Jivrajka  (M.D., Chest)
  819 4949
Guru Krupa Hospital
Dr.  Devendra Singh  (M.D.)
Dr.  Choudhry  (M.S.,B.A.M.S.,M.B.B.S.)
B.P. Road, Bhayandar (E) 819 2957
Madan Solanki Jain Hospital
Dr.  Madan .P. Solanki  (M.S)
  819 4265
Mamta Nursing Classes
Dr. Mamta Mane,  Shri Ganesh Mane
  819 1943
Mantora Orthopedic
Dr.   Suresh Yadav  (M.S., Ortho)
Godev Naka, Goddev Village, Navghar-Phatak Rd., Bhayandar (E) 819 1889
Nakoda hospital
Dr.  Jain Jitendra (M.D)
60 Feet Rd., Bhayandar (W) 819 2046
Rashinkar Hospital
Dr.  Sudhir Rashinkar  (M.S.), (E.N.T)
  819 1946
Rathi Hospital
Dr. Parmesh Rathi  (M.S.D.G.O.) (M.D.)
Station Rd., Modi Patel Rd., Bhayandar (W) 819 2907
Ravi Surjical
Dr.  Gupta
  819 1877
Sanjivani Children Hospital/ Navjeevan Aroyagya Dham
Dr.  Vishwas. K. J. Sav
Saxena Children Hospital
Dr.   Sharad Saxena
( M.D.,D.C.H )
  819 1455
Shobhna Hospital
Dr. Shri. S. R. Desai  (M.B.B.S.)
Dr. Smt. Shobna Desai   (B.S.A.M.)
  819 2480
Shrada Maternity Home
Dr. Mrs.  Karodia   Dipti
  819 6346
Shraddha Nursing And (I.C.C.U.)
Dr. Rajwani Nirmal  ( M.S.D.G.O., M.D. )
  819 1957
Sidhivinayak Hospital
Dr.  Soni Maravanchand  & Dr.  Sharma
  819 1956
Sita bai Children Hospital
Dr. Ragneker Kishore
Station Road, Opp. Rajesh Restaurant & Bar, Bhayandar (W)l 819 1042
Sneha Hospital
Dr.   Sanjay Mahatre  ( M.S., M.C.P.S )
  819 1413
Stella Moriss Hospital Uttan Road, Next to Keshav Srushti, Bhayandar (W) 819 4531
Sudha Hospital
Dr. Ramesh   Singh  ( M.S. )
Cabin Rd, Near Rly. Station,
Bhayandar (E)
819 2124
Suyash Hospital
Dr.  Marodia Nand (M.D)
Dr.  Mrs.  Marodia (Child)
  819 5380
Vedant Nursing Home   819 1926
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