Churchgate is an area in downtown South Mumbai getting its name from the famous Churchgate Railway Station. Churchgate station is a terminus of Western Railway line of Mumbai suburban railway . It is the southern most station of the city. It is home to the Western Railway headquarters.


Churchgate in the 1930s


Churchgate in the 1930s

Churchgate station gets it name from the words Church and Gate. The Church refers to the 18th century St. Thomas Church situated on the same road about half a kilometre away. The gate was an ancient gate situated on the exact spot where Flora Fountain stands and formed the southern limits of Mumbai in the 16th century. That gate was later torn down as the city continued to expand.

Today, the station is one of the busiest stations in the city. Millions of city dwellers residing in the suburbs alight at this station to get to their offices in the business districts of south Mumbai.

The station is the starting point for numerous trains. The earliest train departs at 4:00 am, and the last train at 1:00 am.


Churchgate area is primarily a business area. Numerous offices and banks are situated just a stone’s throw from Churchgate. The city’s prime business district of Nariman Point lies just about a kilometre away. The western area of Churchgate is the Marine Drive area. This area is part of the upmarket area and land rates are high.

Educational institutions

Churchgate also has a large number of educational institutions in the vicinity.

  1. University of Mumbai
  2. Jai Hind College: It was found in 1948 by the elders of the Sindhi community displaced from Pakistan after the partition of India. The college initially got one room (which could be used only from 7a.m. to 10 a.m.) in the Elphinstone College from the then state government. The college shifted to a bungalow on Peddar Road when it started the science stream.
  3. K.C. College: It was founded in 1954 by the Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board with the aim of offering education to refugees.
  4. H R College: After setting K C College, Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board went on to set up 23 educational institutes in Mumbai. In 1960, they founded the H R College at Churchgate.
  5. Sydenham College: It is the oldest Commerce college in Asia, set up by Lord Sydenham of Combe in 1913, the then mayor of Bombay.
  6. Government Law College
  7. Bengalee Girls High School
  8. SNDT Women’s University
  9. Nirmala Niketan
  10. Indo-German Training Centre (IGTC): It is the management institute of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce. It was set up in 1991.

Sporting Establishments

Some sporting establishments in the proximity are:

  1. Wankhede Cricket Stadium
  2. Mahindra Hockey Stadium
  3. Brabourne Stadium
  4. Oval Maidan

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