Schools in Mumbai are either “municipal schools” (run by the BMC) or private schools (run by trusts and individuals). A majority of residents prefer private schools because of better infrastructure and the use of English as a medium of instruction. All private schools are affiliated either to the Maharashtra State SSC board, or the all-India Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) boards. Demand is especially high for ICSE and CBSE affiliated schools, and those run by convents or the Jesuits. The government run public schools lack many facilities, but are the only option for poorer residents who cannot afford the more expensive private schools.

Under the 10+2+3 plan, students complete ten years of schooling, and then enroll for two years in Junior College, where they choose from one of three streams: Arts, Commerce or Science. This is followed by either a general degree course in a chosen field of study, or a professional degree course, such as law, engineering, medicine etc. Most professional colleges in Mumbai are affiliated to the University of Mumbai, one of the largest universities in the world in terms of graduation rate. The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, one of India’s premier engineering schools, and the SNDT Women’s University are the other universities in Mumbai.

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  1. mariam Says:

    hi !!!

    I’m willing to come to Mumbai to finish my education there. Do you know any University which accepts students from America and what kind of exams would I need to take.

  2. mariam Says:

    I forgot to say this in my previous comment, this is a very good website and I had learned almost everything about Mumbai and I really like this website because I find it really helpful.

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