Name Changing Debate

“I’m at Joseph Baptista Terminal, under the main indicator.. where are you yaar?? Oh you are still at Chaityabhoomi station?? Come quick!!”
Sounds weird right?? Which ARE these stations anyway.. Definately not in Mumbai, right? Definately not in Mumbai right now, but possible in the near future.

Mayor Datta Dalvi has propsed to rename few important stations all over Mumbai, starting with Churchgate, Mumbai Central, Dadar, Bandra, Sandhurst Road, Marine Lines et all. Mr. Dalvi has easily proposed this and opened the debate but for some reason he has overlooked the amount of trouble this will cause.

Railway officials will be bundled with a lot other problems, frsh printing of card tickets with the new names, Publicity, parcel code problems etc.

Every action has a reason. A solid backing for it. What is the solid reason for changing names of the stations of the city?? What purpose will it serve?? Will it be helpful to anyone in anyway?? Will it improve the economy, system. infrastructure of the city in anyway??
Then why??

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