List of Medical Facilities

  • 1to9months – Resource on pregnancy and child birth
  • Aditya Jyot Research Foundation – Eye care & opthalmology training
  • Ankur Hospital – Multispeciality hospital
  • Ask Dr Shah – Homeopathy consultant
  • Ayurvedic On Line Clinic – Online Ayurvedic clinic
  • Ayushakti Ayurved Health Center – Ayurvedic treatment and healing center
  • Bombay City Eye Institute – Offers treatment for all eye related problems
  • Breach Candy Hospital – Multispeciality hospital in South Mumbai
  • Budhia Surma – Unani herbal eye medicines supplier
  • Center for Human Reproduction – Infertility diagnosis and treatment
  • CheckHearing – Offers online hearing test
  • DIAL 105 – Offers free emergency first aid for heart attacks
  • Dr Pradhan – Homoeopathic consultants
  • Forum Against Drugs – Prevention of drug abuse and AIDS
  • Genetic Birth Defect Center – Prenatal diagnosis and genetic counselling
  • Hepatitis C Treatment Project – Resource on homeopathy treatment for hepatis
  • Holistic Remedies – Manufacturer of Homeopathic medicines
  • India Aero Medical Services – Offers emergency medical & rescue services
  • India Medicare – Charitable medical center
  • Indian Cancer Society – Cancer detection, rehabilitation and insurance services
  • Innovative Data – Pharmaceutical & healthcare data search services
  • Jarai Fitness Equipments – Manufacturer of fitness equipment
  • Laksh-Deep – Multispeciality hospital
  • Laser Eye Surgery Centre – Lasik treament centre
  • Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre – Multi-speciality hospital
  • Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital – Also known as Sion Hospital
  • MDConsult – Medical information resource
  • MH Kisan – Ear, nose, throat and neck surgeon
  • Malpani – Infertility clinic
  • Mumbai Ambulance Services – List of ambulance service providers in Mumbai
  • Mumbai Thalassaemic Society – Awareness generation about Thalassaemia Major
  • NM Medical Center – Offers a wide range of diagnostic facilities
  • Narcotics Anonymous – Rehabilitation of drug addicts
  • National Family Health Survey – Fertility, infant and child mortality information provider
  • National Liver Foundation – Information and support to people suffering from liver disease
  • Nirmitee – Hearing aid counselling, remedial and rehab center
  • Noor Hospital – Multispeciality hospital
  • P D Hinduja National Hospital – Multispeciality hospital
  • PH Medical Centre – Super speciality hospital
  • Pediatric Oncall – Pediatric hospitals, doctors and special schools in Mumbai
  • Pegasus HealthCare – Managed health care services provider
  • Phenomenal Group – Offers Ayurvedic remedies
  • Pragna Patel – Yoga therapy center
  • Radiology Education Foundation – Review courses on radiology
  • SCRAC – Society for Cancer Research and Communication
  • Saffron Soul – Home remedies, nutrition, recipes and health tips
  • Sai Diabetic Foot Gangrene Hospital – Treatment for diabetic foot gangrene
  • Southern Cross Fertility Clinic – Infertility treatment centre
  • Specialty Ranbaxy – Medical laboratory services
  • Surya Eyetech – Retina, corneal, cataract, glaucoma treatment and normal eye check up services
  • Test Tube Baby Clinic – Treatment of infertility
  • Thyro Care – Thyroid testing and treatment center
  • Yoga Science – Courses in yoga science and therapy
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